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Plastic Slip Sheets



1) Description

Plastic slipsheets are used to replace pallets in movement of cargo in shipment. It is extruded and the main bulk of the material is recycled polyethylene (PE).A roughcriss-cross pattern is embossed on the top surface to create a higher coefficient of friction so that the unitized load will remain stationary when the sheet is moved (slip) on the bottom. The lower surface is smooth so it can slide smoothly on the floor during loading and unloading of the unitized load.

2) Size
2.1 Common sizes:
Width (mm) Length (mm)
990 1040
1100 1200

2.2 Other sizes can be made to order

3)Load Capacity

Load Capacity(tonne) Thickness (mm)
1.0 0.7
1.2 0.9
1.5 1.1
1.9 1.5
2.0 1.6
3.0 2.2
3.4 2.5
4.1 3.0
Other capacities can be made-to-order
4) Material 
Made mainly from recycled polyethylene and reusable , 100% recyclable and re-
saleable item on disposal. 
Density 0.95 plus minus 5%
Colour Black
5) Tensile strength And Elongation at Break 
Tensile strength 16MPa Min.
Elongation at break 250% Min.
6) Coefficient Of Friction(COF) 
Top surface(rough) : 0.5+
Bottom Surface(smooth) : 0.2 – 0.3

7) Reference


Applications – Container Desiccants


Container desiccants are used to adsorb the excess moisture in the surrounding air inside a closed container thus preventing condensation from taking place when the atmospheric temperature drops .The temperature drop may occur due to change in weather , at night or when the vessel moves to a different climatic zone.

The condensation will take place as cargo sweat or container rain .

1) How to use it?